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Gerrikka Bunche, affectionately known as Rika B., is a wife, mother, coach, entrepreneur, and friend. She is also a “Mom Enthusiast” which is very befitting as she fulfills her purpose and passion for inspiring and motivating mothers to break society’s “just a mom” standard.

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What's mom'n



Sis, you’ve been in the house too long! Take this MOMent for YOU. We curate our Momma’s night-out events to give you a much-needed break. From sipping your favorite Rose’ while shopping to dancing your shoes off to the latest Beyonce’ hit. You name it, we’re always here for a good MOMent!

MOMentum Conference

Honey! I don’t care what they say, YOU can survive AND thrive in motherhood. At MOMentum Con you will receive all the tools, resources, and support to do just that. Leggo!


MOMent in Paradise

Girlllll….YOU deserve this MOMent! Get your passport, bathing suits, island best, and meet us in Paradise. Leave the planning to us and be ready for a weekend full of Ayyyyyyyeeeee, Yasssss, and You killed it sis! MOMents can happen anywhere, but we live for MOMents in Paradise.


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Thank you @momredefined for using your platform to create a space for us to learn and grow together as Women!"

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I’m forever grateful of your support, encouragement and push!"

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She has a heart of Gold! True to her word with no motives attached! Definitely a priceless pusher of purpose.

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Let's Keep Chasin' our dreams, together!